Get to know the Ohana behind what makes our Hawaiian food truck so amazing!

Kanoa’s Passion

Kanoa’s culinary journey began at a young age, where his love for cooking blossomed into a true passion. From the outset, he was driven by the desire to share the joy of cooking with those around him. With a deep appreciation for the delicious flavors of Hawaiian cuisine, Kanoa dreamt of bringing that same taste and enthusiasm to a wider audience.

With unwavering dedication and hard work, coupled with the love and support of his wife Lindsay, family, and friends, he was able to turn his dream into a reality.

Through meticulous design and setup, he brought to life a custom food truck that would serve as the platform for him to pursue his passion for cooking and share joy through food. This endeavor not only allowed him to showcase his culinary skills but also provided a unique avenue for spreading happiness and creating memorable dining experiences for his customers.

Love and Food Trucks!

Kanoa and Lindsay’s love story is not just about their marriage, but also about their shared dream and passion for Hawaiian cooking. Their wedding, where they showcased their food truck as the bar, was a true reflection of their commitment to each other and their ohana dreams and aspirations. It’s incredible how they set a goal to open the doors of their passion project within a year and actually achieved it. This demonstrates the power of love, dedication, and teamwork when pursuing a common dream. Working alongside your soulmate can truly make the journey even more special and rewarding. It’s a beautiful reminder of the magic that happens when two hearts and minds come together in harmony to create something meaningful.

Bring Ohana To You!